Every day, we strive to completely delight our customers. In doing so, we master even the most challenging software projects with professionalism and success.

Continua Systems GmbH

We are software experts

Continua Systems GmbH is a software company based in Kolbermoor, in the picturesque region of Rosenheim/Upper Bavaria. We offer comprehensive services in software development. From project management to technical development, we support our clients from the initial product idea through planning and implementation to successful operation.

Our goal is to develop durable products that are distinguished by their ease of maintenance. We achieve this by leveraging our comprehensive expertise, covering areas such as intralogistics, Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs), autonomous systems, AI development, as well as the development of web platforms for millions of users.

This diverse expertise allows us to create innovative solutions that stand out in the market.


We are not just software developers; we are innovators striving to push the boundaries of what is possible and help our clients turn their visions into reality.


Thomas Nagel

Thomas Nagel has made a name for himself in the field of IT and automation, particularly with Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs). During his time as IT Manager at serva GmbH, he played a key role in the implementation of AGV systems at major automobile manufacturers. These experiences have deepened his understanding of intralogistic processes and honed his technical skills.

Since then, Thomas has significantly contributed to innovative control systems known in the industry for their efficiency enhancement. His work has been recognized by companies like Audi and Porsche.

Dr. Marc Walker

Marc Walker (née Wenninger). , is a software developer specializing in software architecture and Artificial Intelligence (AI), brings extensive knowledge and a true passion for new technologies. His experiences at companies like Apple and Siemens, especially in working on autonomous systems, have endowed him with practical knowledge in AI application.

After completing his doctorate in Artificial Intelligence at the Friedrich-Alexander University, Marc has further expanded his expertise. In addition to his academic career, he has also proven himself in agile software development, where he leads teams with focus and clarity.

Thomas Berendt

Thomas Berendt brings years of experience in backend development, especially in Java, SQL, and Docker. Working on projects for sz.de and techpilot.de, Thomas has made significant contributions to the development of backend infrastructure. He utilizes CI/CD for smooth development processes and emphasizes thorough testing to ensure system reliability.

Thomas is well-versed in SQL database management and containerization with Docker, enabling him to effectively manage sophisticated backend systems.