AI solutions for the industry

From data to insights

We support you from data collection to the implementation of AI algorithms. Our focus is on industrial applications in manufacturing. We develop algorithms specifically tailored to your requirements that optimize your operational processes and enhance your competitiveness. Our goal is to optimize your production processes, improve product quality, and reduce costs.

Efficient data collection

Logs and metrics directly from your machines and vehicles

Use of embedded systems and mobile systems for data collection.

System Integration

Incorporating new developments and expanding existing systems through the use of MQTT and REST.

Data Management

Utilization of modern database technologies, including NoSQL and SQL, for efficient and scalable data processing.


Filtering and enriching the collected data in preparation for analysis.

Development of Advanced Algorithms

Our team develops and improves algorithms for log analysis, time series analysis, predictions, and image recognition, from classic machine learning to deep learning.

Research and Development

Experience in research and algorithm development for AI.

Training and Evaluation Methods

Selection of the right methods for training and evaluation to ensure maximum efficiency and accuracy.

AI Developement

Drive innovation forward with intelligent algorithms

Visualize Results

Visualize your success
Creating management interfaces and dashboards

We develop user-friendly interfaces and dashboards for managing data and presenting results.


Provide a comprehensive view of your data and analyses.

Decision Support

Visualizations that help understand complex data and make informed decisions.